Compare selected version in Dev Mode with the previous one (not with the current one)

Is it possible to compare one selected version with another selected (not with the current one)?

A bit more context:

  1. I create a version of the designs and share a link to Version 1 with developers.
  2. I continue working while developers start to implement Version 1.
  3. After the next version is ready I save Version 2 and share it with devs.
  4. I continue working on the next version.
  5. Upon opening Version 2 developers expect to have the ability to compare it with Version 1 but they can compare it only with the current version which is messy since I’m currently working on the future Version 3.

Hey @Vitalii_Sologub - just so I make sure I understand, when you share version 2, is it a separate file?

In most version control systems, it is possible to compare one selected version with another selected version. However, the method for performing this operation may vary depending on the tool used. Typically, you can select the two versions you want to compare from a list of available versions, and then initiate the comparison process.

No, I usually save versions through Version history and then share links to specific ones: