'Comment notifications settings' synchronized for viewers?

Hello all,

I am trying to find out if the ‘comment notification settings’ of my Figma file are synchronised with the settings of the same file opened by invited viewers.

My question: I am wondering if it is possible to share a Figma file with the ‘comment notification settings’ put on ‘Mentions and replies’. Making sure the Figma file that invited viewers open, will be using the same ‘Mentions and replies’ settings, in stead of the default ‘all comments’ notification settings.

If this is not possible, I will have to ask every viewer of a file to first change the default setting to ‘mentions and replies’ themselves, to protect them from a lot of email notifications. Right? :slightly_frowning_face:

I tried to test this with a test file and I invited myself with several emailadresses, but I didn’t get the answer.

Originaly this happened:

  • I sent a figma file link in an email, to team members (Anyone with the link ‘can view’). I asked them to add a comment.

  • For every comment added by a team member, a notification email was sent because the default setting is ‘All comments’. This was too much.

thanks a lot in advance!