Color Styles do not update correctly when Mode is swapped

I figured that layers using color styles don’t act properly sometimes when those styles use variables with different modes.
This is causing three problems:

  1. Main and most important one is when running a prototype of a frame using modes, changing does not affect and we see the default mode in the prototype.
  2. Some nested component instances do not change color when the mode is swapped and I found out I have to move that layer even one pixel and there it suddenly changes to the right color!
  3. I think it is confusing when styles are only shown in the default mode of variables. I think a tiny thumbnail for each final style result based on different modes(or these thumbnails went inside each other like avatar circles), or something like that might be less confusing.

Facing the same dilemma here.

We have created styles referencing variants and the components react to modes correctly. However, in the property panel, the style color dots do not update their values/colors when the mode is switched, which causes confusion!


+1 same issues - the variable backed styles are sometimes “Lazy” when changing theme and need to be nudged in order to change. Any fix coming??? Raised a support req for it

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