Coding in Figma

Shared knowledge and sources of truth between design <> eng is a huge obstacle that requires initiative and upkeep, and is why companies have design systems teams. I think Figma has an opportunity to lessen that obstacle, without disrupting their users.

In short, Figma has a code panel that can provide so-so CSS for eng to reference. My thoughts are that this code panel could become a two-way street where designers could code to create. Either from scratch, or by overriding existing code generated from pre-existing elements.

There are some tools out there that already do this sort of thing (like Webflow), and companies who are trying to provide solutions for Figma (like Interplay), but they don’t quite hit the mark. Figma could offer the opportunity to import/export tokens, typographies, and component libraries through this coding panel, creating a unified source of truth for both design and eng.

I’ve always figured this would be the next logical step in the industry. What do y’all think?

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