Check primitive color of token directly in fill library panel and be able to edit it from there

I would like to see my primitive color number directly in library panel bound to my token. When I select object, I often have to go to back to primitive color settings to double check if I remember color properly. Am I missing something or is my approach wrong? I am adding screens to explain my idea.

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Hey @Richard15, thanks for reaching out!

This currently isn’t possible, but we appreciate this feedback. We’ve updated your topic into a feature request, and we’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.

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Thank you for your reply. To expand on the idea, when working with primitives and token structures, we often need to quickly check the selected object’s primitive color and edit it to try to balance the contrast more effectively. So having the option to edit the token directly from the library panel, similar to editing text styles, would be great.

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Thanks for the additional context!

We’ll pass this onto the team as well.