Changing interactions on overlays

In my project, each page has its own separate overlay frame. All of these overlays have identical interaction settings - same delay, same positioning, same move-in animation settings. If I select the interaction on a single overlay I can edit any of these settings.

However if I select two or more overlay interactions - because I want to make the same change to all of them - I lose the ability to bulk-change the Overlay settings in the middle: location of overlay, background behind overlay, close button. In big prototypes, that’s nasty and makes for a lot of extra work.

This is limited just to overlays - everywhere else that I have interaction paths I can select multiple and still keep the ability to make bulk changes. Only on overlays does it close it off and say “You can’t change these.” Even when they’re the same.

Solution: if I select multiple overlay paths/interactions I should be able to change the overlay position, close button options, and background color options on all of those selected overlay paths.

Even better solution: Give us the ability to save interactions as Styles - just like we can do now with colors, strokes, and effects. I could create a prototype interaction style, apply it wherever I want, and then in just one place I could edit that interaction. No need to select multiple interactions to make the change - or worse, like with overlays, no need to make each interactions’s change one …by …friggin …one, which again, is so nasty when you have a bunch of these.

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