'Change to' with conditional action not working

I feel there is bug with conditional variant interaction. I am having a Boolean variant which i am trying to set with conditional“If something true change this Boolean value to true else change to false ” But when i am changing in “else” the same reflecting to if condition as well . Hope many of them same issue.

I’m also having a difficult time with this. Not only is it hard to change the interactions, but it makes interactions with multiple conditionals really hard to read.

Definitely a bug. There are other related posts

I’ll attach a screenshot for clarity.

I’ve since discovered that the reason I couldn’t select a variant in my “Change To” dropdown was because I had placed the click action on an already interactive button component (even though there was no existing click action, but that’s another matter). Once I wrapped my button component in another frame and applied the action to that, I was able to set the Change To option. Like everyone else here, however, I’ve been unable to add an Else Change To action or even a second Conditional with a Change To action without it changing and breaking the first Change To action.

A workaround that I’m using until these conditionals get fixed is to create a separate, hardwired button for each of my “conditions” and tie each button to a boolean variable. Then I just need to set true/false for each button-variable on the navigation action that would otherwise set my conditions. I hope that makes sense and helps someone out.

@WillBarrow LIFESAVER - i was struggling with how to use a an interactive variant (a checkbox) to control a string variable with the conditional interaction and it just wasn’t working. ended up having to tie two buttons with different texts (that i was trying to use the string variable for) to boolean variables and then use conditional interaction to tie it to the checkbox :sob:

I am having the same issues.
I cannot change the state here in the conditional interaction.


Same here.
Aug-14-2023 19-29-06

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The problem is obvious and we only have to get an answer from Figma! Anyone know how to get the list of fixes in the Beta version?

Same here of course and very sad. Obviously a “feature” that was rushed out the door that, due to this and how poor it is, is no “feature” at all.

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I am trying to create a primitive “event listener” component state-based system as follows:

Variant 1 and Variant 2 loops in between each other with a “After delay” conditional to check a boolean state, which if true changes to Variant 3, which has a longer delay, and then sets the boolean to false and switches back to the Variant 1-2 loop. I have a button in the prototype bound to set the boolean to true. The purpose of this functionality is to handle toast visibility/animations in an easily reusable component that will continuously look for state changes in the boolean.

My intuition tells me that this should work, but Figma won’t let me select the variants in the Change to-action inside a conditional, even though they exist in the list and aren’t grayed or crossed out.

Does anyone know why?


Hi @Michael_Persson

You’re not the only one experiencing this bug, it has been reported but not fixed yet tho’ Trouble with Figma's Conditional Interactions - 'Change To' Action - #9


Thanks. That is exactly the issue I am having.

Hi all,
Thanks everyone for flagging this! Our team is continuing to track this issue with the Change to interactions not updating as expected both regularly and within conditional interactions.

To give you an update, due to the complexity of the root issue, we unfortunately cannot provide an ETA for when this may be resolved. The team is continuing to track this as a high priority bug to fix and we apologize again for the continued inconvenience.

In the meantime, the engineers have suggested the following temporary workarounds:

For change to interactions outside conditionals:

  1. Select the layer where you want to add the “Change to” interaction
  2. With the Prototype tab active, drag the connector from the layer to the variant you are trying to change to

For change to interactions inside a conditional:

  1. First create the change to interaction outside the conditional as described above
  2. Add a conditional interaction
  3. Collapse the change to interaction
  4. Drag and drop the change to interaction into the conditional

Thank you for your help and patience as we continue working to resolve this bug!

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I was trying to create a checkbox that also reveals additional options such as rename and delete when selected. I used a boolean variable to control the visibility of these additional options. However, I can’t control the state of the checkbox within a condition. It doesn’t allow me to change settings for ‘if’ and ‘else’ independently. Therefore, the checkbox remains in the active state once clicked, instead of toggling.

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your patience while our engineers worked on resolving the issue. We are pleased to inform you that the fix has been successfully released!

Please refresh Figma to ensure that you are using the fixed version. If you continue to experience the issue, please let us know and we will flag it down for further investigation.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to report the issue!

Im not sure if it’s the fix that’s at fault - but I’m finding conditional stuff to be extra buggy today. I remove conditions, only to find that they reappear some time later. And that’s if they actually worked in the first place. It felt much more stable previously, even if there needed to be a workaround…