"Change to" interaction is not working when added to more than one behavior

I am creating a simple dropdown that when an item is selected, it gets put on the top of the list in a variable called “ttselected”. I also want the dropdown to collapse after making a selection, but it does not let me do it. When I try creating the path, I notice that it sets it as “on drag” by default, and that “on click” is disabled" why?

Hey Lucy - I’m doing a bit of assumption here, but I think what you’re running into is a conflict on the frame level. You can only have one of each type of interaction on a single frame. You will not be able to use “on click” for a different interaction on the same frame.

I may have completely misunderstood your scenario (holiday brain) – if that’s the case, I’d recommend actually sharing a copy of file with the example you showed above with our support team. They can take a look at the interaction flows and point out any corrections.

If you’d like to do that, lemme know and I’ll get a ticket set up for you.