Capped framerate in prototype?

Hi there!

I feel like when I’m playing with my prototype in the Figma app, the animations framerate is capped to 24 or 30 fps. However, it feels a lot more fluid in the desktop app.

Is this behavior deliberate? I wish I would have the same experience on both!

My phone is an iPhone 12, so I don’t think the hardware is the issue.


Running into the same thing on my Pixel 5. I prefer interacting with the prototype on my phone but the experience is very noticeably smoother on my computer.

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Thanks for this feedback, we’ve passes this along the team

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@Robert_Bye do you have any updates on this one? I am also experiencing this issue on my phone…

We’re still very actively looking into this, and there should be some tangible improvements in the coming weeks. Thanks again for the feedback!

I have the same issue, really low frame rate for animated transitions both on my iMac and iPhone… would be ideal if Figma could produce 60fps at minimum :pray:t2:

Hey, Robert.

Has there been any progress with frame-rate performance improvements for prototyping you mentioned?