Can't selectively apply color variables to words in component instances

Would be nice if we were able to selectively apply color variables to words within a paragraph. That’s the way it worked previously with the legacy color styles, but doesn’t seem to be supported by the newly introduced color variables.

One use-case for this is inline text buttons or hyperlinks, where we’d want to apply an accent color to the interactive element.

Here’s a live example of the a “Flow cover” component, the left one uses color variables and doesn’t work, the right one uses color styles and can be styled as expected.


I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to mock a coding environment. Sadly, using color variables doesn’t let me change the color of words within a paragraph. Real bummer since I’m designing for both light and dark mode. This would be so easy to do using variables… I hope this is a future feature they plan to add. Feels like a bug right now.

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Testing a bit more, it looks like this works well when editing a random paragraph or a master component, but it doesn’t work when trying that on the instance of a component. So, definitely feels like a bug.

Gonna edit the title and tags accordingly…

Seems to be fixed on my end now! Any chance on your side @Daniel_Moon ?

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