Can't override color of the icon (instance of a component)

Hello folks! I’m using Figma for a long time, but haven’t seen this issue yet.
I created a set of components for vector icons. The structure of each component:
{icon name} => “Vector” (see video)

When I use an instance of some icon, I can’t change the color of this instance. But if I detach the instance, the color is changing well. Other components that I created work well. I tried to copy icons, detach them and create new components - the result is the same :frowning:

What’s the problem? I don’t have any ideas why it doesn’t override. Tried both Figma and Figma Beta.


Okay, folks, I fixed the issue. Anyway, would be glad to hear why it was happening.

So, the layer inside of the icon frame called “Vector” was flattened, but to fix the problem, I needed to flatten it once again. It starts to work well only after the second flattening.

Why? I don’t know.


Thanks for this! :tada: Following your steps helped fix the issue for about 50% of my troubled icons. I continued messing around to find a solution for the others. For anyone else who comes here in search of guidance:

As noted above, doing flatten a second time works. Doing it a third time created the problem again. Doing it a fourth time fixed the problem. (And so on.) So: don’t flatten multiple times in a row to “make sure it sticks”.

For the remaining icons, I needed to enter the vector editing mode, click on the closed vector areas, change those fills to be some other color, and change those fills back to the color I wanted (default black). That seemed to cause recalculations to fix the issue. Repeat for each icon giving you trouble.

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The extra flattening step helped me with my troubled icons, thanks so much, this was really puzzling me!

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I encountered same trouble but this thread helped me out.

In my case, the problem occurred when I used Fill-Rule-Editor to change the fill rule.

Here is a test case.

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I’m also using Fill-Rule-Editor like @shohei and having the same issue. Using the repeating flatten technique didn’t work.