Can't get overlays to scroll

I’m having trouble with using the “overlay” feature when prototyping. I have overlays which are often taller than a single screen and thus require vertical scrolling. However, if I use the prototyping function to open an overlay, it seems to disable vertical scrolling and I can’t figure out how to enable it.

I tried using the Scroll Behavior Overflow: Vertical, but it doesn’t do anything (I applied it to both the parent page and the overlay itself, and there’s no effect.

Any idea what’s up here?

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It seems that overlay frame does not have enough content to be scrolled, or the height of overlay frame is shorter than the content inside.

Please try to set the height of the overlay frame shorter than the content inside.
it would be more helpful if you attach some screenshots about the issues.

Hmm ok, it sounds like it just doesn’t allow simple scrolling of the modal. I didn’t want to have to create a smaller frame because it has to be easy for our engineers to view the full content of the modal in non-prototyping mode, and this means I’d have to have a different artboard for the overlay itself and for the full view of the content, which is a bit frustrating to be duplicative like that.

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