Can we use instances of components as a component variant?

So, I have a bunch of variants of a component that are just different pre-configurations of the exposed properties, but in order to set them as variants, I have to wrap them in a frame and turn the frame into a component, which makes it a bit tedious to access the underlying variables and requires that I propagate the auto layout fill for each level deep I go. This makes it so that if I make changes to the base component, it will propagate to all of the components and variants that are based off of that original component.

In this example image, the Payment Source variants are just 2 variations of Source (one with a modified color for the subtitle text), but in order to make them variants, I need to wrap the instances in a frame, and to preserve the auto layout of the underlying source component instances, I need to add autolayout fill in both directions to each variant. This becomes increasingly tedious the more variations I have.

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