Can we remove the dev ready status icon from the page name easily rather than removing the status of individual sections which is time consuming

I am introducing a scenario where there are multiple iterations happening even after the designs were dev ready. So in this case, I have started a new page rather than editing the previous dev ready page. So when I completed the new design and the page name for the final design is already having the dev ready icon, but it is still confusing when the previous page is also having the dev ready icon.
I tried right clicking on the page but it never showed an easy way to remove the dev ready icon. instead I was forced to remove the dev ready from each of the sections within that page.
It would be really great if you incorporate this small feature of removing the dev status from the page section as that would reduce the pain of individually removing the dev ready status from each sections.

Thanks for the feedback @RUDRA_RAJEENDRAN1! We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration and monitor votes for overall interest from the community.