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Can we increase memory, depending of the hardware?

I am currently working on a design system, it has a lot of files and components and I have grouped the files in an atomic design way. It works very well but I am struggling to create a documentation file where I have all the instances in one file, my issue is memory.
I keep breaking components down to them to their minimum so gets easy and becomes faster to work on Figma.
My question is, can we have a way to set the memory value? Or can we have a file extension for bigger files like Photoshop does?
I find it frustrating that we can have the best hardware out there but we can’t use more than 1,5Gb of memory without having warning banners or even can’t load the files that I manage to create but can’t open anymore.
I do really love Figma and the team has done impressive work, loving the new features but I think they should care about this problem as a priority.

This is not a limitation of Figma, this is the limitation of browsers. And since Figma is running in the browser (even the desktop app is a browser), there is not much Figma can do about it (other than creating a custom browser desktop app, which is probably super hard).

Hi Gleb,
Thank you for your reply, yes I totally understand the browser limitations, it’s the app that I don’t understand. I am just afraid that one day I need to work on moving everything to XD or other tool just because their app don’t have memory limits as Figma has.
I found some tips that could help Figma developers to increase the memory limit, hope it helps: How to increase the max memory limit for the app built by electron-builder? - Stack Overflow