Can we get the shortcut keys for moving layers around applied to Variable groups as well?

Wondering if it’d be possible to re-order the groups of variables with the same shortcut keys you use for the layers panel. Dragging and dropping isn’t always accurate and causes irritation and misplacement from time to time. As a customer this seems like a minor improvement but don’t know what that means for Figma and implementing this functionality considering the data that’s being moved around on the back-end as well?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

We truly value your input, so please remember to vote for your idea. Additionally, if anyone else in our community likes this idea, feel free to give it a vote or leave a comment.

Just a quick note—I’d like to mention a request from another community member concerning shortcuts here: Customizable shortcuts
While your interest seems to be in variable modals, this might not align perfectly with your needs, but you could still find it interesting. Feel free to take a look!

Thanks again for your valuable feedback.

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