Can select matching layers help me bulk add interactions?

Thank you, team, for the fantastic new feature! It has significantly reduced my workload, and I’m planning to share it with my colleagues tomorrow.

However, I encountered a problem when I thought selecting matching layers would also help manage interactions, but it did not.

Here’s what happened:

  1. I created a dropdown and duplicated it across multiple frames.
  2. After several unrelated edits, I realized I had to design an open overlay for the dropdown and link them together.
  3. Using Command+Option+A, I selected the item across all frames.
  4. I attempted to drag the interaction to the target overlay.
  5. The interaction was not created for other layers.
  6. I tried again to modify the interaction in the side panel.
  7. Despite my efforts, only the layer I was working on had the interaction.

Is the feature I’m looking for not available, or am I doing something wrong? I appreciate your time and assistance!

I got the answer myself. Click and drag could work for multi-editing interactions.

Ummm and Command+Option+A also works… Will check my previous laptop to see if I had updated Figma properly.