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Can I export from FigJam?

Exporting from FigJam is not supported at this time, but we are thinking about this! As a workaround, you can access Figma’s export options when you paste FigJam objects into a Figma design file.

Export from FigJam :arrow_upper_right:
Guide to exports in Figma :arrow_upper_right:

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I would seriously upvote this feature. One of the primary ways we have been using (and would happily pay for) FigJam is as an easy-to-use workflow diagramming tool.

However, once we have created a diagram, have to do the Copy/Paste trick above, which is very slow, may need to happen several times in short window, and it requires 2 files for everything we create.

We have taken to just using a screenshot tool to create a jpg or png of whatever we can fit on the screen as a quicker alternative, but both these options make for a very poor experience.

We love your tools, are proud Figma supporters, and I personally love where FigJam is headed, but please, please, please add export support!


It would be super cool to be able to export the stickies into a spreadsheet or some other tool so that we can crunch data and take immediate action!

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Now FigJam can be imported/exported. More details:

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