Button component text changes back to default on hover



I created a button component with a hover state. In the component, I added a default text ‘text’ which is also the name of the layer. When I use this component in my design and change the text (‘ADD’) then it changes back to the default ‘text’ when I hover the button in prototype mode. I added a screen recording to clarify the issue

How do I make sure that the adjusted text is maintained after I hover in prototype modus?

Thanks already, Jip

Hi @Jip_Asveld1, could you share an example file?
From this entry, it is impossible to determine the cause and find out how your component is arranged (component structure).

Hello @tank666

Here is a link to the file:

Hope that does give you enough privileges to discover the issue?

There are layer name mismatches in your components that prevent the text override from being saved. To fix this, simply rename the nested components LightMode/Default/min-width btn and LightMode/Hover/min-width btn to e.g. base-btn.

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