[BUG] Trigger zoom out when unfocusing from text editing

It sometimes triggers zoom out icon when you unfocus from text editing. I can reproduce it in these steps.

  1. Change keyboard layout to Chinese.

  2. Insert a text layer and type some Chinese character by pinyin input method. The pinyin should include Z (like 自己).

  3. Press ESC to quit editing.

  4. The cursor becomes zoom out icon and the canvas will zoom out when clicking.
    5 Click Z to change to select mode (V not working)

For more details you can see this video.


Report bugs to Figma support team via the bug report form.

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That’s exactly the issue what I’m trying to post! :pray:

When hit “ESC” after finishing the text (Chinese characters), a zoom-in icon (:mag_right:) popped up and can’t be cancelled by hitting another shortcuts. It only disappeared when you click other tools from the toolbar.

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Thanks didn’t know that url so used it for [CRITICAL BUG] Regression on Touchscreen again for Desktop Windows

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I have the same problem. We need a solution

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