Bug or what? Developers can't inspect spacing measurement between objects

same issue!help!

It’s totally brokes all the work process. Urgent fix needed :frowning:


Okay so, after a lot of trying, here are the findings, it is happening only if you are accessing free trail figma as a dev, for paid subscriptions it is working fine. The only temporary solution is to log in as an editor.

what worked for me:

  1. select first element
  2. press shift and double click on the second one.
    Hope this works on your side also

Just select one elemnt, then hover on second and zooming - padding appers

Same issue as viewer !! HELP :sob:

Step 1 → Adobe buys Figma.
Step 2 → Workflow breaking bugs start to occur

Hey all thanks for reporting this. A fix has been pushed and this should now be resolved. Let us know though if you’re still running into any issues.


The same problem. The side developer can no longer measure distances between objects.

I noticed that if you move the camera without removing the cursor from the object, the distance starts to show correctly.

Please help us ! :sob:

me too. i had same issue.

appears to be the same issue. But even here there is no solution.

Same problem here!

Now meausuring is working again. Thanks! It’s great.

Hi, seems like we have this bug now. can someone plz help? thanks!

Hi, I am facing the same issue. Anyone found a solutions ? My fronts are after my skin now hahaha

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For those who think you encounter this same issue:
Try press alt(macos: option) while hovering/measureing between elements.

Figma changes measurement UX, you need to press alt to see measurements.

No I have the same problem and it doesn’t work with option in my Mac/// what can I dooo

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