Bug on text writting at Figjam

Every time I’ll go to write a text with accents the application stop on this character with accent and start a loop, rewriting every caracter, I can’t continue to write the word.

Hi @Bianca_Ferreira_Dorta sorry to hear this is happening! Are you only seeing this issue in FigJam or does it also happen in a design file? Also, are you seeing this only in a browser, in the desktop application or both?

If its happening in the browser I would suggest checking any browser extensions, you might have to see if they are causing a conflict.

If you are still having an issue, please feel free to reach out to the support team directly via this form for help: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Hi, Ryan!
This happens only in Figjam and both (browser/desktop app).
I downloaded the Inter font, but the bug is still happening: I am confused.

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