Bug: objects align

Hey, guys! Recently I have a bug when I try to align a couple objects in Figma. When one of my objects is in a frame and one isn’t, and I press shift+A, for example, it causes the object in frame to move to the left edge of a frame, just as there is no second object selected. It is really annoying — I am used to these shortcuts (and also this behavior doesn’t make any sense to me). Is there any hope I’m not alone and there is a fix for it?

Hello there, thank you for flagging this! I understand that you may find this situation a bit unusual.

I tried on my end but couldn’t replicate the issue. When I selected both objects, one inside a frame and the other outside the frame, and then pressed the shortcuts below, it seemed to be working as usual:

  • ⇧ + A: Added auto layout to the selected objects.
  • ⌥ + A: Aligned left. Align the right object to the left object.

Would you mind sharing a quick video recording or screenshots of the issue you are experiencing? It would be helpful to have the full Figma screen visible, including the left and right panels to show the properties and layers panels, as well as expanding the relevant layers. This will enable us to better visualize the issue and see if we can reproduce the same behavior.

Additionally, is this occurring in the browser, desktop app, or both? As a basic step, could you please clear the cache in both your desktop apps and browsers and check if there are any improvements?

For desktop apps:

  • Mac: In the Help menu under Troubleshooting.
  • Windows: Under the toggle arrow at the right of the top toolbar under Help > Troubleshooting.

You can also refer to our help center article here for technical troubleshooting tips

Hope to hear from you soon! If anyone in our community has had a similar experience and has any insights or suggestions, please feel free to share here!

Thank you,