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[Bug] Figma prototype UI obscuring fixed website header

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This was actually already reported as a bug, and a Community Manager (incorrectly) responded that resizing the display should fix it (it does not), and the bug report was closed without being fixed.

I had to explain to my client how to close the UI so they could play through the prototype. Luckily they were tech savvy.

Yes, you can hide the Figma UI and then copy the link to share, but then the client can’t see the side menu.


I have the same issue. The prototype UI shouldn’t obscure parts of the design, especially when the design has clickable hotspots on it.


This is indeed quite unfortunate. It would make more sense that the figma ui doesn’t overflow on the screens especially since 90% of designs have a top bar navigation that then becomes inaccessible.
And i know you can hide the ui
BUT :point_up:
The sidebar is a very nice feature to show multiple flows to clients as well so it’s useful to keep it visible when sharing a prototype.
Following people around in prototype mode is also very useful during demo time, so being able to view the sidebar & the top bar & the full design would be ideal

Hopefully Figma can fix that soon :pray:

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That works great as e temporary fix but is a bad workaround.

Figma please fix this bug! :slight_smile: Thanx!!

YES! This is super annoying if you want to show the multiple flows to a client or in a user testing session. Why would the top bar obscure the design at all… please fix!!

Still an issue. Can we please fix this soon. Pretty much messes up every prototype that has top header nav which has to be a lot right?

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Commenting to bump this. Figma please fix this

Please for the love of god fix this

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Commenting to bump this issue. Please prioritise fixing this.

I can’t fathom any benefits to having the prototype UI overlap the viewport content, so this feels like either a bug or a design misstep.

Changing the zoom level is not really a reasonable solution in shareable prototypes.

Please fix this!

Also bumping this. Tired of this being an issue that I have to talk clients through every time I send a prototype.