Branch update problems with sections and lots of frames

This is my situation: I have a project in which I have created sections with many frames inside, and some related branches to the main project.

Updating a branch after editing some frames inside a section, the popup with the conflicts suggests me to update the entire section instead of single frames. This causes me many problems, from Figma slowness to running out of RAM memory.

So is there a way to update only the edited frames rather than whole sections?

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I am having this same issue! It’s very difficult to tell what actually changed when a whole section is being flagged as being changed. I could see if branching just ignored sections that would be an improvement.


I concur. We do a lot with pages and sections. Our sections are quite large. This makes branching quite unusable, because in the branching UI, it does not focus on the frames where the changes took place (it is microscopic). It would be better if branching ignored sections.