Billing issue

i feel scammed by Figma

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Hey @Adriano_Feliu - sorry for any frustration with your seating/subscriptions.

I broke off your message into it’s own new topic, since the previous one was resolved and older.

I saw that you have a support ticket filed, and I went ahead and escalated it. If you have any additional info you’d like to share, please feel free to reply to the automatic email you receive.

It’s disheartening to see that so many individuals are experiencing this issue, yet Figma seems to be ignoring it. Why do you allow editos to add design seats? Admin should only have that permission. This DARK PATTERN appears to be a deliberate tactic by Figma to exploit its users for financial gain. There should be accountability, and someone ought to take legal action against Figma


Hi, I paid for 2 Figma design seats annualy.

But Figma charged me more than I needed, twice, even my UX designer pissed because of sudden charged without notification.

We paid Figma with our Corporate Finance Team Credit Card and they are upset with us because we used their credit card without notification and also make it over-budget, in fact, we just as blind as them.

And to make it worse, I contacted the support team (ticket #994185) for the unknown charged since 1 May, still not get answered by Figma support until today :frowning:

I think it’s disappointing, that they just close the original issue and say it is “resolved”. How exactly was it resolved for the other people, that posted there as well?

Hey @Corry_Saputra, sorry for the delayed reply!

Our support team is dealing with higher volume than usual, but we’re replying as quickly as we can!

To be transparent, I located your tickets from last Thursday (#991624) and yesterday (#994185) and to give you a bigger picture of the volume that we’re dealing with, support is still replying to tickets from last Wednesday, 5/1.

I can merge and escalate your tickets on your behalf internally though. Support will reply as soon as they can!

Hey Satheesh and Nathalie, thanks for the feedback!

The previous forum topic was from August 2023, and the original question was answered, which is why ksn thought that Adriano’s issue would be better addressed in its own topic.

We hear you though, and we’re aware of the confusion and frustration around billing. I’ve merged your feedback from the previous topic into an existing, similar topic here in the community.

Hi @dvaliao Thank you for helping raise my issue. The suppport team already reached out and got me a refund.

But as @Nathalie_Zimmermann said, the main issue is not about our individual case but on how Figma can provide wise solutions with Figma user experience regarding billing.

Some people are tight on budget and for me especially, our credit card is watched by the finance all the time, any excess spending can impact our financial KPI. As simple as a pop-up warning before any sudden charge, will be appreciated.

My company is a loyal Adobe user but I love Figma and my UI/UX designer loves it so much that is why I proposed this program exclusively for her and her colleague.

I hope Figma will decide to solve this soon. Have a nice day.

We hear you. As I mentioned, our team is already aware, tracking feedback, and thinking through on how to make billing more transparent and frictionless.

I agree with @Corry_Saputra. I’m a freelancer and I get invited to my clients Figma spaces, or share my files with them. I find myself completely unable to explain, why they have to pay for another license, although I already have one, or why I can’t (well, don’t want to) share edit rights with them.

I would really appreciate a clear explanation, how the licensing works (why can 1 user incur more than 1 license cost) and the rationale behind it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on why a viewer can self-upgrade as well.

@dvaliao Thanks for picking up this topic. For a moment, I felt like Figma moved this thread into the dustiest forum corner, they could find.

…and complete silence. So much for “we hear you”.

Hey @Nathalie_Zimmermann,

To be completely transparent, the forum is primarily run by the community. My team here only helps to moderate and pass along feedback. If there are any updates, they’ll be added to the other billing feedback topic I linked above.

Hey @dvaliao, no offense, this was not directed at you personally. I do understand that this is mostly a Community forum. I still would assume that it is monitored.

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