Better organization when saving files and prototypes

I’m a product manager who uses Figma in collaboration with the design team. I mainly use it to drop comments/feedback on designs and prototypes.
I often have to quickly pull up these designs and prototypes to gain stakeholder buy-in, keep management up to date or explain details to the development team.
I use the left sidebar to create folders and save the files there.

I’m struggling to keep these designs and prototypes easily accessible and quick to find as there are many things within a same file. I’d like to be able to easily access a specific prototype or design within the file from the left sidebar. This can be done but all the design pages and prototypes within the same file have the same name on the left sidebar so I can’t distinguish what part of the file I’m opening.

If I could either save the different designs and prototypes with their name on the left sidebar or change the name like saving as, this would be solved and I’d be able to easily find and access the right part of the file.

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Thanks for the feedback, Simon! We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration.