Better Asset Panel (Search through multiple libraries, Thumbnail too small)

I manage Design System in my company, I often test different libraries published by different team.

One thing I find really annoying about the Asset Panel is that it shows all the results from all libraries when you search, without grouping them by libraries. For example, if I search for Button - it shows me all buttons from all 5 libraries I enabled in the file. It’s really hard to differentiate between them:

The preview image is also a little bit too small in my opinion, if it’s bigger I’d be able to tell the difference easier.

I think Sketch is bad at a lot of things but they did the Components Panel right. It’s easy to navigate through libraries, the panel is a separate window - make the preview bigger and easier to view. You can pin it wherever you want and drag whatever you need in your file.

Maybe we can have something like that?


Great idea!!!

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