Best solution for user testing with prototype?

Hello the community, what are the best solutions or plugins (free or not) for online user testing with Figma prototype? In live or asynchronous?
Thanks a lot

Hey Garry, you may be interested in this thread from @FigmaForUserResearch!

That post outlines steps for hosting a moderated (live) session. For unmoderated (asynchronous) session, our team uses We use UserTesting over other tools (UserZoom, Maze) because UT’s participant pool has the best and widest range of users who match the demographics we care to test with. We tend to run moderated sessions when we’re running qualitative studies and need to ask follow-up questions. We’ll do unmoderated sessions when follow-up questions aren’t a priority, or when we’re collecting quantitative data.

Thank you for your answer. I’ll read this thread for sure.

By the way, what about if I have my own users pool? May I use UserTesting either?

Happy to help! And yes I believe UserTesting does have a feature that allows you to test with your own participant pool. Though I’m unsure if this is gated behind one of their paid plans, so I’d double check their pricing/features pages before committing to anything.