Batch text editing

Batch text editing like colors works. We can see all the colors in one file and its possible to change it all together even if its not settled in color styles and in this way we can replace to color for the one in the color styles. If we have this option for text would be amazing, so we could just replace the text that are not on the text styles at the same time and without check in every text box

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There are plugins that allow you to do that.

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Plugis that I found you can replace the font but not replace to a text style. Using text styles is very effective when talking about consistency and I rather use it. If you know a plugin that replaces a text style instead of only the font please share with me, but I still think it would be way easier if we can do it straight in the dashboard like it’s easy with colors instead use a plugin.

You didn’t say anything about styles in the original post, I thought you mean replacing the actual words in the text.

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