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Automatically updated anchor points between connected elements

When I have a line connecting two elements and move one of those elements to a different place, I also need to update which anchor point the line is attached to on each element.

What starts like this after initially adding a line

Ends up like this once I realize I need to move elements around

If the tool could be aware to know I want to use the 2 closest anchors between the 2 elements I have connected, and update those anchors as I move the elements around that would be a great improvement to my workflow. This is the end state I want without needing to manually re-anchor the line.

I thought the exact same today when reshuffling a document!

Miro supports this feature already, where you can connect the node to the middle of an object and it automatically redistributes it depending on the relative position of the two objects. Very handy and it would be awesome to have this in FigJam as well!