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Automatically de-couple groups for easier diagramming when copy/pasting Frames from Figma to FigJam

I should be able to easily copy Figma screens into FigJam and individually select screen elements like buttons to draw arrow lines between them for flow diagramming. Currently, if I select a frame and copy it, it becomes one giant object screen. It seems like if the Figma file grouping is more than 1 or 2 layers deep, it all gets lumped together as a single object, when it shouldn’t.

Also, many of my frames have background fills. In order to be able to diagram properly by drawing lines between separate elements, I have to manually ungroup the whole frame and then copy it over. However when ungrouping, the background color disappears. I then have to re-draw a background color square shape.

Hey @Ryan_Wise thanks for sharing this. I moved this into the feedback category so others can vote and their comments. :slight_smile: