Automatic Horizontal Scroll


I’m trying to make an automatic, looping horizontal scroll in Figma, but is it possible? And if yes, what is the right way to do it?

I would be really grateful for your help!

I’m pretty sure that looping scrolls are impossible to do at the moment. You can only fake it but then of course there’s limitations.

I am not sure if I understood your problem 100% correctly. A little more description of your goal or problem would helpfull.

Anyhow, If I understood you correctly you can fake it by having a empty {no-fill colour} on the viewport when loading the screen, then select the rectangle from artwork A to scroll to anywhere on the same screen.

Here is a screenshot with more details. I created a red 10% just to be able to see however you can have its’ fill colour to 0% instead. It should cover the whole screen and set its’ trigger to “Mouse enter” and the → to either scroll to the same page

Or can navigate to a different page when the mouse is on the red area.

I hope this hack resolved your problem.


I’m really grateful for your help. I meant something more like a carousel? Actually, to be more, precise, a continuously (and horizontally) sliding text. I’m trying to make it automatic, by using delay, bu unfortunately instead of sliding in the right direction, there is some kind of bug on a frame connected to the first one, and it just starts sliding into the direction on that frame and then starts again.

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