Auto layout min width for gap

Adding to Auto layout the possibility to add min width for the gap, so you can set it to auto but it also has a min width so it doesn’t bump into another element.


Please Figma, very much needed.


I need this all the time. I’d probably describe it as just adding a Gap value for Auto.

Until this is fixed by Figma I solved this (in a pretty hacky way) by adding a blank element with a set width as a spacer. This will get pretty awkward fast though if you have several items in the auto layout. It would be so much nicer to just have it built in.

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I would love this! I want to be able to set the spacing in auto-layout to auto, but set a minimum width for the gap spacing so it doesn’t get too small before wrapping! This would also be a good way to set how many items are in a row before wrapping in auto layout.

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