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Auto layout is not working when when it's made by other team members?(solved)

I have taught my team about how to use auto layout a couple of days ago. I created a file and made a showcase for them and asked them to make a copy beside it as their homework.

But then we found that the copies they made are not working from my side. If I make changes on their copies , say change the size of the frame, there will be no responsive changes, but they will work on their side. If they change the frame size of their copies (including copies made by others), auto layout will work its magic.

Meanwhile, the copy I created works fine for all of us.

And I’m the owner of the team.

I have tried every way to fix this issue, such as refresh, reopen, change my network connection, the issue is still there.

Can anyone tell me what’s happening and how can I avoid this?

The file is here:

If figma team wants to look into it, you have my permission.

I can’t open your file. If you want to share the file privately with the Figma team, you need to reach out to Figma support team via or the support request form. They are not actively monitoring this forum.

I’ve found out why.

I’m using Mac OS and they are using MS Windows, they had used a font that is not available to me. which causes auto layout’s malfunction.

The lack of common-used Chinese fonts is quite annoying, problematic even.

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Thanks for your attention.