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"Auto Layout" elements have no "Fix position when scrolling"

Almost everything in my Figma files is an Auto layout because I feel that is the best approach when representing how HTML+CSS works (CSS Grid excluded).

So, with that in mind, why can’t I Fix position when scrolling any of those Auto layout elements? Is this the intended behaviour? Is it ever going to change?

Case in point, I wanted to fix that “anchors” layer over here:

You can only fix position of the elements directly inside of the scrolling container. Also judging by your layout, it seems like you may want something more than Fix position when scrolling, e.g. position “sticky”, which isn’t possible.

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Thanks for the answer Gleb, that’s exactly what I was looking for: that position:sticky behaviour. I just upvoted that post you linked! Hope they feature it soon. Thanks again!

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