Auto-layout editor

the [new-ish] html-css style auto-layout options (ala flexbox and such), look great.


  1. perhaps, afford user to quickly select between layout options (columns, rows, flex-grid, etc) for a frame [-stack], and…
  2. offer a chrome-dev tools-style display of padding and such, which one may edit on-canvas
  3. if the user would like to return to initial state, without auto-layout; offer toggles:
    • (turn off even spacing, turn off baseline alignment…, turn off everything and go back to initial state before auto-layout)

commingle layout controls (arrangement/groupings: text, stacking-order, “<hr>” and such; and [alternatively] spacing, grid, alignment, flex-wrap/flow…etc.) which a user must edit together to create a typographically coherent layout.

  • this as opposed to pecking around for a related control in disparate menus
    • bonus for ability to tab between different elements and use arrow keys to quickly edit values (even ctrl+p/n, ctrl+f/b to navigate directionally, like in text editors for mac)
  • use these ‘traditional’ disparate menus in the manner of an ‘index’, as figma transitions into need-based, commingled interactions
    • allows real-estate expansion in the view [bit of an issue currently]

re: left hand-side layers panel—

  • may add improvements to naming, editing of layers (ala react components) to further enhance power of [the potential] quick auto-layout options [above]
    • (ex: classNames / type edits) – left-align all body-elements *

*(obvi can translate this into tailwind-style css classes behind the scenes, per section)

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