Audio problems in prototype on phones

I have a couple of videos (sound files actually) that work as intended when prototyping on the computer. I cannot get any of them to play when prototyping on an iPhone and only one of them to play when on Andriod.

I saw a post stating they couldn’t get audio to work on iPhones. Is this a current bug/issue?

Thoughts on why only one of three files would be playing on Android?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

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I’m having the same issue

Im having the same issue. Can’t play audio in my phone prototype(android). But works on laptop.

Hey there!
Sorry to hear this is happening. Please note that it may have a slight delay between pressing the interaction and the video audio playing from a mobile device. Mobile devices are not as powerful as a desktop, so some heavy interactions such as loading a video which contains audio, can take a little while before playing. This also will depend on many factors such as the devices model and internet connection.
To test, if you reduce the amount of audio, does it improve the performance?

I checked @Michelle_Spivak 's ticket, and the root cause was due to a wrong setting with the open overlay function that’s set for all the other audio/video clips.
It would be great to investigate directly with your file to see if we can replicate it. Please reach out directly to the support team with a link to the file, and share it with here
Please also include your Figma account email. Thank you!