Attach Image to Table in FigJam

I’d like to insert an image into a cell in a table in FigJam so that it moves with the table as it expands and changes size. Currently, I’m just having to drag pictures around with the table as it expands which is fine for one or two images but I have many!

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Thanks for the feedback, Angie!

We’ll pass this onto our FigJam team for future consideration.

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@dvaliao any update? Would love it as well!

Hey @Alexander_Farr, thanks for the feedback!

This is on our FigJam team’s radar, but we don’t have a specific timeline to share yet - stay tuned!

+1 the inability of images to stay in their cells is super frustrating when trying to have side by side audits of experiences.

+1 would be useful. Same rational as above. Table changes and forces rework, moving all images to track with table.

+1 would vote for, not only useful, but mandatory!
I would really love to keep working with FigJam as its more lightweight than competition, but actively collaborating on a bigger table while constantly need to reposition screenshots is making me want to switch back to Miro (i know right…horrible)

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