Assign Roles to Users: Giving users editing/viewing access based on project roles

It would be nice if we can assign a role for invited users such as (Designer, Developer, Product manager, and others). After assigning a role, there should be a way to indicate their access permissions (edit, view-only, dev-mode).

This would particularly be helpful for when designs are ready to be “marked as ready for dev”. For ex, when designs are “marked as ready for dev”, it will automatically send notifications to anyone with the assigned dev role.

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Thank you for sharing your idea with us! We truly appreciate your input and are interested in seeing how the rest of the community feels about it. Your suggestion could be a candidate for future improvements.

Could you please confirm if your idea is similar to the one discussed in the following thread? :slight_smile: If it is, combining them would help gather support more effectively!

Toku (Japanese is also welcome!)

Hello, thank you for your reply. Yes, the idea I proposed is similar to the thread you referenced. To build on that discussion, I think having default user roles such as developer, designer, manager, and client could be useful. It would also be great to allow custom roles that users can create themselves.

Assigning roles can be used to:

  • Set editing permissions for each role
  • Select which pages each role can access (Ex. Users assigned the ‘dev role’ can only see pages 2 and 5)
  • Use ‘@ role’ to ping a team of people
  • Selecting ‘Mark as ready for dev’ should automatically notify anyone with the developer role

Thank you. Please let me know if anything is unclear.

Best, Yusuke

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Hi Yusuke san!

Thanks for the clarifications. It’s very helpful! Considering your input, I think it’d be best to keep this discussion separately. Let’s see how community reacts!

Thank you so much!