Arrow Up/Down to select style from auto-complete has stopped working

Hi community!
This is tricky to explain. But sometimes the arrow up/down seem to simply move the Caret Position in the input field to the beginning or the end, instead of changing the selected item in the list. If I hover the list, the up and down selection starts to work again.

Feb-06-2024 17-18-56

Using arrow down to select from all auto-complete searching is deep in my muscle memory, as I’m sure many of yours as well, so this issue has become somewhat if a nuisance to me. I never realized how many times per minute I searched and selected a style or variable before this started not to work.

Could this be something with my trackpad, keyboard, computer etc. Or is it something anyone else also has experience?


Another GIF showing the caret just going back and forth inside the input field when I press arrow down/up:

Feb-06-2024 17-32-44

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Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. I could reproduce the issue! I will share this with our internal team. can’t guarantee anything on our end, but I will give some visibility to our team for consideration.



have exactly the same issue. Working on the macbook pro 14 m1. It started about 2 weeks ago I guess.

When typing in the styles search bar, I used to be able to tap the up/down arrow to navigate between the results in the search. Now those arrow keys go to the beginning or end of the text in the search bar. This requires me to use the mouse to click on the object I am trying to select rather than being able to use just the keyboard.

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Just created a new post since I could not find this one. Same issue here. Started around when you posted, still persists, drives me crazy.

Not even Tab is of any use.