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Annotating designs in prototype view

Hi all,

A lot of the time when I’m presenting designs, I will either put together a static slide deck with annotations, or I will walk through the interactive prototype in Figma.
One downside with using the interactive prototype is that it’s not possible to annotate designs, in order to show notes and give people a better understanding of what I’m presenting.

I understand that comments can be added, and ideally I would talk through the design myself, but having annotations that are constantly visible would be a great help.

I noticed Adobe XD has this, as it displays a panel on the right hand side with all notes. Figma has this feature in Design mode, but when in Prototype mode, these comments can only be viewed one at a time.

Does anyone else have this issue? Are there any plugins or workarounds that people have used to get around this?

Thanks in advance!