Hi everyone! Im a newbie at figma and i am not known about every function. So can you send me a video with a mini lesson how to do it. Just a simple one. Idk why but when i try to copy all the steps from some yt video it isnt work. Or maybe i have any bug… So? i hope you will help me. Thanks.

What is the issue you are facing exactly? If I make a video about “animation” in Figma it would probably be 5 hours long, not “just a simple one”. Simple videos can be found on the Figma’s youtube channel, they explain everything you need to know very well.

Thanks for your answer. But the problem is that animation im trying to copy doesnt work. Maybe you know some secret or solution of this problem. Ill be the happiest person if you will help me. All that i need is video or screenshots with steps, like step 1 press this button... Id like to do the easiest animation. I just want to understand how is it works. Maybe the buton with hoover effect.

This video shows the process:

Thanks! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: