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An update to Better File Thumbnails

Hey everyone. I’ve been working on an update for Better File Thumbnails for the last two weeks. I just hit publish and wanted to share it with you :slight_smile:

Here’s the changelog. I’m proud that most of the features/life improvements come from user requests from withing the plugin.

  • Choose one of 5 different fonts for your thumbnail
  • Statuses are now created as variant components, making it easier to switch from one to another
  • The whole thumbnail is now taking advantage of auto-layout
  • Toggle to remove emoji from the thumbnail
  • Thumbnail frame now also has background to be displayed when sharing a link to the file (was transparent before)
  • More flexible project name label sizes (depends on the length)
  • Quick create takes advantage of more space now, taking up to two lines
  • Polished UI

Let me know if you’ve used it and what do you think!