An Invalid Image OR Thumbnail is removed. - Image disappearing from figma file

Hi, Everyone.
I try to find the solution from the forum, And I read other users Q-A. But I couldn’t get its solution. So, I’m sharing my query here.

After 1 month I opened my Figma project file. And I found all the images are missing.
And If I paste a JPG image in Figma, it shows the message - " An Invalid Image OR Thumbnail is removed." I tried many other ways to get the solution.

If anyone have the solution please share here.
Thank you!

Hi, the most common reason you’ll see an “An invalid image or thumbnail was removed” error message is if there’s an image in the elements you’re copying that isn’t able to be pasted because it’s ‘invalid’ or corrupted in some way.

This might be because the image was never properly “saved” when pasted into the original file, or because the pasting actions is failing in some way. It can also be because our servers don’t think that that file should have access to that image, which may be the case if you’re pasting between files in different spaces.

For the images that aren’t pasting over, can you try the following:

  1. In the original file select the image
  2. In the dev mode panel, open CSS view
  3. Use the ‘File name’ link to open the source image in a new browser tab
  4. If the image loads there, right click to copy and paste or save and insert it into your new file.
  5. If the image does not load there but still loads on the canvas, this indicates that the original image has been corrupted in some way. If this is the case you can export the image layer using the export settings at the bottom of the Properties panel and insert it into the new file.