Allow searching for a page

  1. I have 46 pages on a project. (Maybe an extreme case, but yes I do). I just want to search for a page by name.

And things in the layer list as well! (Weird that this still is not done yet, seems so obvious).


Thank you for bringing this up! I’m missing this almost on a daily basis. I create pages with design files for Jira Tickets and name them with the number and name of the ticket. I’d love to search for them by just entering the number.


I’m shocked it has so few votes, but it is such a must. Even in design system files or our production files, we have TONS of pages.

At the bare minimum please highlight the page I’m currently on not just a tick that is so hard to see, but the search would be lifesaving.

Do you see which page I’m on? (trust me it’s so easy to miss on large scale too)


I wholly agree, from the first day I saw Figma I’ve been quite surprised it’s lacked Layer search — not only is it something I used constantly in Sketch, it’s the sort of thing that seemed a “no brainer” for the ‘web-inspired/first’ Figma UX.

…and more fundamentally just the lack of text search seems a real miss that also emphasises how painfully slow Figma extensions can be — but then I guess that’s part of the answer, perhaps something about their WebGL, WASM (it’s totally not a “web app”) tech stack makes tree-traversal and text handling really inefficient…?

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  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

I have a lot of pages in some files so sometimes finding the one I need is a pain. It would be great to have a local search box, and also expand the range of the Search in “Quick actions”. A global search that looks through pages and frame names would be even better.

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sometimes when we work with multiple pages inside a Design file we can loose soe much time looking for a specific page; specially when we are working with design systems (that are usually organized as a page for component).

example: if I’m working with a new design system and I need to find a slider component there is usually a page just for that which will be called “sliders”, so it would be so much easier and faster to type slider in a search bar for pages instead of scrolling with in 20 to 30 pages to find the page.

I will attach here a possible solution, hopefully the team might find this useful


While I have worked in multiple teams I see that the pages inside a Figma design file is named either by a Jira ticket or the [Ticket Name] that they are trying to solve taking that into consideration, I was wondering we could have a search function on the left-hand side bar for page section with tags and everything.

Problem: Hard to search pages with the lots of tickets(Pages) in a single design file. This problem escalates even more when there is lots of changes in the team.

Ticket Names are usually [XYCD-999 : TICKET NAME]

Frame 15

If there is a solution already, please let me know. thanks!

It is a really must, actually, it is one of the stopping points, that we can’t go for full Figma, as don’t have this tool.

Keeping the thread alive…
Our current state is similar to @Lisa_Weishaupl . My workaround is naming design files after the card # in our DevOps boards to address issues related to our legacy app. Our product revamp focuses on revisiting core concepts, broad and narrow making full use of pages. Including Pages in the global search would help in cutting time when I’m revisiting concepts shared across several design files. Even a page’s keyword tagging system would cut time spent looking for a page.

But of course a searchbar to [Search files, pages, teams or people] would be grand.


I’m new to Figma and I can’t believe it’s not possible to search for a page. We have hundreds of pages in our app and as a developer I’m constantly having to cross reference different pages to make sure I’m getting the CSS right & it’s really painful how hard it is to find anything. Please put in a search facility or at least allow filtering in the side bar so that it just shows pages & not a jumble of all the other components and elements in the project

Can’t understand why this is still not a feature, several threads about the same feature going well over a year.

Moving from InVision to Figma is going to be difficult without being able to search for files within a certain project.

I’m not really sure when I would ever use a global search, rare occasions, searching a project I would use, if I could, I get too may results from multiple teams and projects using the search as it is now.