Allow read-only accounts to change the deep select keyboard shortcut behavior

The way CMD (= CTRL on windows) click behavior is different between write access and read-only access users has caused a lot of confusion for myself and my engineering team in trying to help them understand how to select the correct layers when checking spacing in designs.

I think read-only accounts selecting the deepest layer with a normal click made more sense in the early days of Figma when engineers were more concerned with how individual elements were spaced without caring about a lot of in-between layers created by designers that didn’t necessarily match with how things would be built. These days though with auto-layout and Figma best practices generally being much closer to how an engineer would build things, and especially with components, it feels much more important for read-only accounts to be able to easily select elements the same way designers do.

I think a toggle in preferences to swap the deep selection behavior from “next child” to “deepest child” could solve this.

Also worth noting that the keyboard shortcuts helper UI that can be turned on at the bottom of the Figma window is currently wrong for read-only users.

Hi !
Thank you for your feedback. We’ll pass this along to the team for consideration.

Be sure to also Vote, so we can gauge interest from the community.


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