Allow modifying "Decoration" to the text styles already defined

Echoing other people’s frustrations, managed text style overrides need to be available. What is this 2022?

Would be great if someone from Figma could respond to this thread.

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+1 Please do it already =)

Holy geez, this has got to be implemented!! Figma, are you listening to this thread?? Running into this exact issue building our design system. I echo the comments that it’s ridiculous to have to either build in underlines in another font style OR break the link to apply them… /mutters to herself “I can’t believe this is a thing…”

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+1 this - it would help sooooo much to have this!

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If this is still something you need, instead of doing this manually, you should use the subscript unicode character for that. Most (but not all) fonts support this.

Char Description
subscript 0
subscript 1
subscript 2
subscript 3


Same for superscript:

Char Description
superscript 0
¹ superscript 1
² superscript 2
³ superscript 3
superscript 4

Yes, yes and yes!

+1 Needs to be fixed!