Allow designers to use previous versions of a library

I work in the design system team, and we’re constantly updating and publishing the Figma component library. This is great for users who already have design files: They can choose whether or not to accept our updates.

BUT for designers starting work on a NEW file, they can only use the current version of the Figma library components. That may sound ideal, but it’s not.

Here’s why: Often product engineering teams are some way behind the changes that we publish in the Design System team. They simply may not be able to implement those changes quickly, or possibly, at all. Their designers may want to work with previous versions of the Figma library in order to design TO THE PRODUCT. If they are forced to use the current library, this can cause confusion in the product teams, because devs and QA won’t be able to work to or check against those designs.

Could the lovely Figma guys somehow allow designers to choose which version of a library they pull assets from?


I work for a design system team, and we update our library according to a certain cadence.
The issue is that sometimes, designers working for the product want to stick to a specific version of the library and if they start a new file, for example, they cannot choose a previous version.

It also happens that mistakes are made and they update it to realize down the line that they shouldn’t have done it and they can’t go back.

We are currently working on a workaround but it would be awesome if Figma could give this option to the designers using the library.


Would this have to be each possible version in the version history?
I can imagine a good (starting) solution would be to mark certain versions as ‘Release’ and have those available as previous versions :slight_smile:


Yes! That would be the already awesome

Hi everyone, thank you for raising this feature request with us! We’ll pass it along the team for consideration.


Thank you Celine

Hi, we are experiencing the same problem, we are currently exploring a temporary hack but we would appreciate it if Figma could provide a robust, scalable solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, we are also hacking it but indeed, a solution from Figma would be awesome :slight_smile:

May I know what a temporary hack you are using? My team faced the same problem

I use duplicated files but that becomes a mess when you have an extensive number of releases