Alignment tools and sending objects to background not working correctly

After the most recent changes, behavior of alignment tools has degraded along with sending objects to background (ctrl + shift + [).

  1. Objects do not align correctly unless in the same frame; cannot align objects to objects outside of frame.

  2. Object to background/foreground requires user to deselect and reselect object for shortcut to work. [resolved]

Using Desktop version on Windows 11.

Hey @supercitizen, thank you for reaching out. I am not sure I follow, can you explain this to me in more detail what when you say you’re trying to align objects outside of frame?

This is what I tried to reproduce on my end. Let me know what step I am missing out.

I would also need an explanation for the second scenario “Object to background/foreground requires user to deselect and reselect object for shortcut to work”. In my case I had to select the layers I want to send to the back.

Perfect, the minimum requirement for the desktop app is windows 10 or later in a 64-bit environment.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Gayani_S thank you for responding.

The second bug listed in my original post is no longer present.
However the first bug mentioned remains.

Imagine a circle outside of a frame. Now duplicate that circle and place it inside a frame that is lower than the original circle. One circle should now be inside the frame lower than the original circle that is outside of the frame.

Select both circles and align-top.

here’s a screenshot for clarity

The circle inside of the frame will align to the lower circle inside the frame. It was not like this before Multi-edit playground update.

Sometimes this behavior is inconsistent, where the lower circle will align to the top of the frame while the circle outside of the frame remains unchanged.

Perhaps I’m missing something after this new update, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @supercitizen! Thanks for clarifying. I’ve checked this internally with the team and I got the confirmation that this behaviour is currently intended and you’re right, this is indeed multi edit related. Currently objects are aligning to the top/bottom/etc. of the container. So stay tuned for future updates!

Let me know if you have any further questions, thank you!

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Hi @Gayani_S I appreciate the response. Thanks for letting the internal team know. Although the behavior isn’t conducive for my current workflow; I hope I can use the multi-edit tools in a more predictable manner. Thank you again for the reply, I’ll look forward to future updates-!! :blush:

ps: one of the biggest reasons I prefer using Figma over Adobe (photoshop/illustrator) is because of how fast and intuitive Figma feels/felt. I hope Figma finds a way to preserve this spirit of innovation. Kindest regards.

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